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National Team of Luxembourg

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National Team of Luxembourg

HMB-Luxembourg asbl is the official recognized association for the national team of Luxembourg in both international federations, HMBIA and IMCF.

We are practizing however not only medieval full contact combat but also other martial arts which are part of HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts)

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Team Luxembourg
Female Fighter

A sport for both men and women

Allthough the sport (Medieval Armoured Full Contact combat) seems quite brutal there is a rising amount of female fighters taking part in this kind of sport. It is no longer a sport only for men. A lot of tournaments include a female category.


- Grivegnée, Belgium

- Saeul, Luxembourg

- Battle of the Nations 2013

- Bleiberg, Germany

- WMFC Israeli Challenge, 2014

- IMCF 2014

- Battle of the Nations 2014

- Red Lion Challenge 2014

- and many more

Female Fighter

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